A Modern, Dynamic Program for all Educators, Free of Charge.

The IKnowEverything program is designed for you as an educator about teen driver safety, whether that’s in your classroom, community center, courtroom, workshop or any other place you talk with teens. The program consists of an engaging, fast-paced animated video featuring a teen’s voiceover who suggests that teens “know everything.” For example:

  • I know not to drink alcohol and drive; it’s dangerous, illegal, and just plain stupid.
  • I know not to text and drive.
  • I know my parents can take away my keys anytime.
  • I know I need to pay attention 100% of the time while driving.

We have also provided a facilitator’s guide that accompanies the video in order to help lead a discussion with teens and promote conversations between teens and parents on driver safety issues. You can download a PDF of the guide below.

For any questions on this program, and to provide any feedback on the program, please contact us.

Teens, want to become an advocate for teen driver safety? Check out our FCCLA Advocacy Toolkit!